In 2018, in August, we had the opportunity and grace to visit the village of Mapogoro in Iringa Region, it is one of the villages that is very far from the city and is difficult to be reached by social aid. we were able to find about 15 orphans through the cooperation we got from the Anglican Church. These children did not have clothes to enable them to go to school, some were coming to church wearing torn clothes and no shoes. but they seemed happy and peaceful all the time and enjoying worshiping and praying.

It is something that really encouraged us to continue to do everything we can for other people, especially those living in rural areas. Our greatest desire was to see many children able to get clothes and shoes to go to school and also to dress well when they go to church.

We managed to distribute more than two pairs of clothes for each child and one pair of shoes for each child. We wish we could reach them again and see their progress in school and their lives in general.

We learned and saw that the environment of the houses they live in is very poor, they are mud houses and thatched with grass, they have no safe doors or windows, no electricity or lights, they use a kerosene lamp to light up and study at night which is dimly lit and also emits smoke that affects them the health of their eyes and chests.

as we can see in this picture, this is the real environment of Mapogoro.