Matanana is one of the villages located far from Mafinga Town in Iringa Region, Joyful Charity managed to visit Matanana in 2020 in June.

it was easy for us to be able to reach and find many children who are orphans and in need because we used a way to cooperate with the leadership of the Anglican church who coordinate a program to help and take care of orphans and disadvantaged children.

There were about 30 orphans and 13 underprivileged children. but we also found about 10 underprivileged women and elderly people who needed help. we distributed clothes, shoes, blankets, school supplies to the children.

We thank the people of the church who received us and gave us great cooperation to meet the target people, most of the people living in the villages are poor, the needy have not been reached by the government or non-government organizations to improve their lives and make them able to be independent and live a better life.