Raised: $310.00 $30,000.00
They don’t have mattress, blankets or beds. They sleep on the floor putting used cement bags and cover themselves with pieces of cloth. As know Mufindi district is cold especially from April to August there due to sleeping on the floor and having blankets to cover their bodies many children ends up getting sick with cold related diseases such pneumonia, flue, coughing any more.   We would like to help them to have good sleeping environments by giving them mattresses and blankets. We have 15 houses to help them. One mattress of 3.6ft X 6ft (8 inches depth) costs $115 one Blanket of 4ftX6 ft costs $25 Our goal is to give one mattress, two blankets to each house. Therefore the shelter package for each house is $165. Let’s share the love, build memory in other peoples’ lives and we will have planted a seed of humanity and love.